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You can find Munnar Tour packages for just about everyone. If you can get a good airfare to Southern India then get to one of the Munnar resorts using Munnar Tour packages you will find you can enjoy a wonderful vacation in the tourist area of Munnar located in the south of India in the Idduki district of Kerala. You can also enjoy good food at any of the resorts in the Munnar area. They serve a variation of North Indian foods and Southern Indian foods which is often vegetarian in nature but often in the southern Indian cooking it will include fish due to the many rivers in the area. They are typical Indian food from the various regions of Southern India like Bihari or Punjabi and you will see tandoor and Naan, rice and curries and there is more emphasis on rice and the cooking is spicier. The Northern regions don’t vary that much but you see Tawa cooked foods which is a flat grill. They tend to use more dairy and tomatoes.

Besides eating good Indian food whether from the North or South, you can go trekking amongst the hills and encounter craggy rocks along your trail. Or watch birds or visit one of the tea estates located in the Hill Station area high up in the mountains. Elevations in the Munnar tourist area go up to approximately 8500 feet in elevation. The early European Colonists established Hill Stations so they could escape the summer heat by going to settlements in these Hill Stations.

As far as the weather goes, you can choose Munnar Tour packages for just about any season. If you go in the months from November to June you can see many birds that are migrating at that time. You could visit the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary with a guide as there are no vehicles allowed. You may see the fairy bluebird or a serpent eagle. This sanctuary is open from 8 am to 6 pm daily.

You can visit the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate which is located about ninety minutes from the Munnar tourist area. It has a peak that is 7,130 feet in elevation plus rugged mountains in the area. There are regular buses that make the trip from the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate to Munnar. Much closer is Pothamadu where you can go by tea, coffee and cardamom plantations.

The peak tourist season in the Munnar tourist area is August to May, although the area has a moderate climate year round. The months of June through September are the time for monsoons where you can wake to dew drenched mornings.

This area is located on the tropical Malabar Coast in Southern India and has a good tourist population of over 8 million a year since 2006. It really began as a popular tourist destination after an advertising effort that started in the 1980s and has become quite popular since then. Tourism is one of the major economic contributors to the economy of the area.

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