New Veneers Will Give You A Great Smile Makeover}

New Veneers will give you a Great Smile Makeover


Mike Olsen

The moment that cosmetic dentistry became well known and accessible, I was certain that I was going to have an entire smile makeover and get porcelain veneers. I had been in a serious car accident when I was eighteen years old that had knocked out several of my front teeth from my mouth.

After the accident, a dentist replaced my teeth with fake ones that never seemed to feel right or to look real. I was always self-conscious that people were staring at my fake teeth trying to figure out why they looked funny. I never smiled with my mouth open and I tried to keep my lips tight when I spoke to avoid exposing my teeth.

I did not want to continue through the rest of my life self-conscious about my teeth and embarrassed of my smile. I also was tired of thinking about all of the things that the accident had taken away from me. If I were going to finally move on and refocus my energy I needed a smile makeover to get back the confidence that I had once had.

When advertisements for cosmetic dentists started popping up in my city I immediately called one and made an appointment. I knew that I would need veneers on all of my front teeth and that I would need the back teeth to be cosmetically whitened. The receptionist took down my information and set up an appointment for me.

When I arrived for my consultation I was greeted by the dentist himself who digitally X-rayed my mouth and then showed me a computerized three dimensional reproduction. He agreed that I would benefit the most from veneers and some professional whitening.

We made an appointment for the procedure that was to be completed within one visit. I was surprised to learn that my insurance would even be covering a portion of the bill for my smile makeover. I couldn’t wait for the day to finally come.

The dentist performed the entire procedure within a few hours and it was nearly painless. When he was finally finished he presented me with a huge mirror congratulating me on my beautiful new smile.

After I saw my reflection in the mirror I couldn’t help but cry. My teeth looked and felt real and they were completely straight and perfectly aligned. I was beyond satisfied with the results of the smile makeover. I knew that I would never want to stop smiling!

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smile makeover

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Reasons To Become A Orthodontist}

Reasons to Become a Orthodontist


Jordan Rocksmith

If you love to work with others and are fascinated by teeth and gums, a profession such as a Bethlehem orthodontist may be just the perfect career for you. You can repair and manage teeth of all ages and know that everyone is happy and delighted to have the best-looking smile once you have finished the job.

A dentist has a lot of responsibilities when working with patients that need help with their teeth. They can lead a hygiene team in cleaning teeth and taking x-rays, and also perform many difficult procedures such as, root canals, crowns, and bridges. If you want to follow this path but want more of a specialized focus that is challenging, you should aim for obtaining your degree in orthodontics. You will get all of the same training as a dentist, but finally focus on an area that interests you. You may enjoy helping those choose options for repairing severely crooked teeth and ones that are out of place. Severely broken and chipped teeth can also be fixed by you and your team. Orthodontic work is very extensive and needs specialized leaders that are smart and very experienced.

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Once dental school is completed, you will continue with many years of training and practice to gain experience under your belt. Your requirements to practice will be much higher, but opening your own clinic or working with another group of orthodontists can be easy to begin with patience and talent. This profession will allow you to give others the confidence that they need in life, and you can feel good helping those in an area that you are passionate about.

Study hard and get the training that is necessary to become aBethlehem orthodontist. There are many professionals that are needed in this field and it can be one of the best choices that you have ever made.

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Reasons to Become a Orthodontist

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Anti Aging Herbs For Stress

Submitted by: David Cowley

Anti Aging Herbs are also growing in popularity and availability. Many of the anti aging herbs claim to accomplish many different things depending on the type of ingredients involved. Some of the anti aging symptoms or ailments natural herbs offers to help cure include memory problems, lack of energy, help us sleep, reduce joint pain, and even improve the appearance of aging skin.

It is believed that one of the major causes of premature aging is the stress level in modern society. We create most of the stress levels ourselves but it is comforting to know that Mother Nature has provided us anti-aging herbs since the beginning of time.

Rhodiola rosea.

Rhodiola rosea is a herb found in Russia and is also known as Golden Root. This herb has been used for centuries by the residents of Siberia to reduced the effects of the cold weather, reduce stress and as an anti-depressive. Rhodiola rosea is believed to enhance mental and physical abilities and has been used by Russian athletes to increase energy. It increases the blood-supply to the muscles and brain allowing for a quick recovery after intense physical activity.


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Jiaogulan is a Chinese herb also called the Longevity Herb and in Japan it is called Amachazuru and it is used to calm an overexcited nervous system and to stimulate a depressed nervous system. It has also been shown to improve cases of insomnia in up to 95 percent of the subjects tested.


Foti plays an important roll in the prevention of gray hair. Experiments conducts in Asia showed a decreased level of Calcium, Manganese and Iron the elderly with gray or white hair. Foti is rich in these trace minerals.


Valerian has been used for centuries for stress management and it is well known for its sedative qualities. It relaxes the smooth muscle groups and the central nervous system.


Schisandra is another Traditional Chinese Medicine used to relieve stress and increase energy levels.

The human body can becomes accustomed to taking herbs over time, and the effects will become less and less beneficial. It is necessary that your body is able to adjust to being without the herb for the effects to be noted when you start taking them again. I recommend that you take herbs for 4 weeks and then abstain for 1 week.

If you just feel that taking vitamins, supplements or herbs to fight the aging process would be beneficial to you then you should always consult with a good health care professional prior to starting any type of home treatment.

Always consult your doctor before using this information.

This Article is nutritional in nature and is not to be construed as medical advice.

About the Author: David Cowley has created numerous articles on Anti Aging. He has also created a Web Site dedicated to Anti Aging and how to treat it. Visit


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Dental Implants Advantages And Disadvantages

Submitted by: Kely Travis

Despite the fact that dental medicine has advanced very much in recent years, many people still lose a lot of teeth through gum disease like gingivitis, tooth decay and injury. In the past, people who had missing teeth or gaps in their teeth had to live with the condition because the options they had were quite limited. In today s dental world, implants offer cosmetic options to people who do not have teeth due to one reason or the other. Dental implants are tooth roots, which act as replacements. They provide a good and strong base for replacements, which can either be permanent or temporary. The thing about these artificial substitutes is that they have both advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide to get one for yourself, it is important to evaluate both the advantages and disadvantages in order for you to make an informed decision. Some of the advantages include:

1. They are durable and can last for a long time: Dental implants are designed to last for a very long time. They are very durable provided you take care of them. You need to go for regular checkups and ensure that you schedule a professional dental cleaning procedure once every six months to make sure they are well maintained and healthy. Flossing is also a requirement. Taking care of your teeth will ensure that they remain healthy for many years, so it totally depends on you.

2. Speech improvement: The patient s speech will be greatly improved with dental implants. Dentures and removable bridges cause a lot of mumbling because they are often loose and unstable. They are very functional and give a natural appearance. Permanent ones are even better and resemble real teeth. It would be difficult for someone to tell the difference between real teeth and implants. They give the patient the confidence to speak without the fear of their teeth falling out.

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3. Eating becomes easier: If you have sliding dentures, chewing might prove to be difficult. They are designed to fuse with the jaw bone and will thus function like your own teeth. This will definitely make eating a more pleasant experience, especially in the case of hard foods like nuts and carrots.

4. Good oral health: Dental implants do not require altering the adjacent teeth, so most of your teeth are left intact. The effect that this has on your overall oral health and hygiene is very significant. Maintenance of your oral health becomes much easier because individual implants make proper access possible.

Although they may sound like the best thing to happen in modern dental medicine since toothpaste, they do have their disadvantages. These disadvantages include:

1. The cost: Dental implants are quite expensive and can set you back a few thousand dollars if you want to get good results from the procedure. In fact, implant surgery is the most expensive dental procedure today.

2. Time consuming: The procedure is very time consuming, especially if it involves many implants.

3. Recovery and pain: The procedure is not a very good idea for people who do not recover quickly or cannot withstand a certain degree of pain.

Do not overlook the disadvantages because they can prove problematic for you. Think about it seriously before opting for the procedure and determine whether you can handle the disadvantages. If the disadvantages can be dealt, you can proceed with the procedure and enjoy the benefits.

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