No Itchy Penis Hygiene Tips To Banish Jock Itch For Good}

No Itchy Penis Hygiene Tips to Banish Jock Itch for Good


John Dugan

An itchy penis may be a common problem for every man, but that doesnt mean that those recurring bouts of jock itch are by any means welcome. And, of course, they always seem to occur at just the wrong time: in the middle of that important job interview, during a very formal dinner and, of course, just as a guy is trying to impress a woman with his air of sophistication. Being able to keep ones hands straying down for a good scratch at inopportune moments is just one reason to pay attention to penis health and hygiene.

Tinea Cruris

Everyone refers to this particular itchy situation as jock itch, but the actual medical term for it (in case a guy wants to impress his friends with his erudition and knowledge) is tinea cruris.

Word of advice: a man shouldnt try using this name in the hopes that it will score him points with a potential lady friend. For example, if hes caught in the middle of what he hoped was a surreptitious scratch, smiling and saying, Oh, its nothing, just my tinea cruris is likely to cause the hoped-for partner to make a hasty exit, as the medical name makes it sound like something far more serious.

As those who have experienced this problem know, jock itch causes a red, ringy rash that itches like the devil. It typically occurs on the penis, testicles, thighs and buttocks and gets it popular nickname because its associated with people who sweat a lot such as athletes.

Not just those who are jock-wearers get the itch, of course. It can strike any man who sweats profusely, and is somewhat more common among people who are overweight. People whose immune systems are compromised also are at a greater risk of getting jock itch.

Not serious

Tinea cruris may be common, but its fortunately not serious. Yes, it can have some serious unintended consequences, such as causing a man to miss out on hooking up with someone who might have been the love of his life; but in terms of medical seriousness, the condition is low on the medical totem pole.


As mentioned, sweat is the primary culprit behind jock itch, although dirt also has a role to play; too much sweat by itself can cause the itch to develop, but it can be exacerbated if the sweat occurs in an area that is dirty. Washing regularly and wearing clean underwear is a good preventive measure.

Jock itchs root cause is a fungus that develops in wet, warm environments, such as that commonly found in the crotch. It can easily be spread, most often by direct skin-on-skin contact or more indirectly by such means a sharing a towel with a person who is infected. Due to this latter reason, its never good idea to share a towel with another person at a gym.

The fungus that causes jock itch is the same as the one that causes athletes foot, so it can spread from a man touching a diseased area of his foot and then touching his groin without first washing his hands. A man who masturbates after touching a foot with athletes foot definitely needs to wash first. Also, men who have a foot fetish and enjoy rubbing the penis against a foot or who delight in being masturbated by another persons foot should be sure that the foot in question is free of fungus.

An itchy penis due to jock itch is usually treated with an antifungal medication, but the itch itself may not always respond to this; using a high quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help with this issue. A cream that includes a superior emollient such as shea butter PLUS a natural hydrator like vitamin E provides great relief from itching; it is also beneficial to use a cream that include a powerful antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid, which offsets harmful oxidative processes that can cause signs of early aging like wrinkles and dry, thinning skin.


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No Itchy Penis Hygiene Tips to Banish Jock Itch for Good }

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Yeast Infection: 5 Tips To Cure Your Infection Forever

Submitted by: Mark M Morris

Yeast infection is said to infect a large number of women across the globe. One of the main reasons why yeast infection grows at a rapid pace is because we often tend to ignore it. We often consider a yeast infection as a part of our daily life. This allows the yeast infection to grow. Taking cue from the above statement, let us now discuss 5 basic essentials which you need to know about your yeast infection. We would be throwing light on the possible cures as well.

Learn To Take Care Of Your Hygiene

While this may sound a bit awkward but one of the main reasons why the total number of yeast infection cases are on the rise is because we tend to relax when it comes to taking care of our personal hygiene. Yeast infection is said to grow if you do not keep your gentiles clean. Hence, women need to be very careful with their personal hygiene. Take a soap bath every day and make sure you change your under clothes as well. If you wish to steer clear of vaginal yeast infection, you need to be very particular about your personal cleanliness.

Avoid Wearing Tight Fitting Clothes

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Yeast infection is mainly caused in areas where the yeast bacterium can thrive and multiple. This is one of the main reasons why vaginal yeast infection is fairly common amongst women. When you wear tight fitting clothes, especially jeans, you would be indirectly allowing the bacteria which are already present in your vaginal cavity to multiply at a rapid pace. At the same time, yeast infection is directly dependent on the type of clothes you wear. In simple words, if you are to avoid vaginal yeast infection, you would be required to wear cotton clothes, especially the undergarments. Likewise, you need to avoid wearing synthetic clothes.

Stop Taking Unnecessary Stress

Most people are unaware that stress has a major role to play when it comes to discussing yeast related infections. With special regards to the female population, stress can prove to be a major problem when you need to remain healthy. Owing to the rise in stress levels, the existing stress levels in women tend to increase drastically, which in turn allow the yeast bacterium to multiply at a rapid pace. In order to avoid this scenario, follow a well known meditation program and indulge in activities which would keep you relaxed at all times.

Choose A Well Known Natural Therapy

Considered the most effective yeast infection cure, a tried and tested natural therapy has no parallel. Choose one which has been tried and tested by women across the globe. A yeast infection cure, which uses natural ingredients and is free from a surgical procedure, is considered best in terms of a suitable treatment. Hence, you need to opt for one as soon as you can. It has been noted that women who have taken contraceptive pills tend to increase their estrogen levels, which in turn causes the yeast in your vaginal cavity to multiply. Hence, it is always better to choose a tried and tested natural therapy.

Indulge In Regular Exercise

Another way to keep your yeast related infections at bay is by indulging in regular exercise. If your immune system is strong and it has the capability to fight infections, it would not allow your yeast cells to multiply. Hence, you need to chalk out an exercise pattern which is conducive to your daily routine and good for your health as well.

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and enjoy a disease free existence for the rest of your life.


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