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SRM is a school designed for a new generation of filmmakers who want to learn.

The top Acting School in India for Film, TV and Theatre. Enroll for SRM’s Short Course in Acting, Modelling to launch

your career.

Acting School allows you to build your career and also will give you alot of confidence in the film industry.

Our film school has developed serious and disciplined young artists who have made us proud in their respective fields in

the film industry. Their talents are boundless, their expressions are illuminating, and their commitment to their own

development is inspiring.

Traditional film schools often delay the moment when students get their hands-on in the field and actually make movies. At SRM students

learn from day one. Be it the Direction & Scripting course or Cinematography course ; you will write, shoot, direct, and

edit your own short films. Mentors here will demystify the craft of film production and challenge you to master the art of

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visual storytelling.

As of now the SRM Film School-one of the best acting film schools in India is offering the below filmmaking courses.

A full-time combined Masters in Film Technology course in Direction & Scripting, a full-time Masters in Film Technology

Course in Cinematography ,a full-time combined Diploma in Film Technology course in Direction & Scripting, a full-time

Diploma in Film Technology Course in Cinematography & Diploma in Acting.

We have gained a lot of experience, invested many years of creative growth.

Currently, we are in an environment where every student is been examined under the guidance of expertised artists.

Our main intention is to realize every student that they belong to this field.

And once we accomplish our main intention, we work through a series of imaginative story, games, and exercises that opens the door for our students to

truly understand what it takes to excel in this highly competitive field and for them to polish upon their skills that give

them the competitive edge over their peers.

In our film school, we also schedule the seminars of popular artists which will help them to act differently and

it would be a great inspiration for the youngsters to perform on the screen later on.

Our students not only learn acting with fun but also get opportunities to do achieve something in their life.

They get the opportunities to see live auditions, which are held in our own film school on regular basis.

Watching those live auditions give our students tremendous confidence and also gets the idea how to tackle the problem

whether it is off-screen or on-screen.

The course teaches you how modern filmmakers make feature length projects and offers practical experience of

trying to make such projects. The collaborative nature of modern film making means that this is a course for students with

aspirations as directors, producers, camera ops, editors etc. who would not want to develop both their aesthetic and

usiness skills for a long successful career working on feature length documentaries or fiction films.

All students will complete with a wealth of professional contacts, a stunning show-reel, a fully developed feature

film project and the knowledge and contacts how to get ahead in the film business.

About the Author: SRM Film School is a Acting and film making training school with head office located at Four Bungalows, Andheri (West), Mumbai. SRM film School also has its branch in chinchwad Pune and Thane district. It provides courses in Film Acting, Film Direction, Film making, Editing and Scriptwriting. SRM Film School was established on Aug 1, 2001. URL-


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