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Oetiker is one of the largest producers of tools which include clamps, fitting hoses, clamp tools, pipes and many other useful tools. When you see Oetiker written on product consumers feels safe buying it because they know that it was manufactured with care. Oetiker manufactures products with the latest and cutting edge technology for all connecting purposes a consumer requires. These products are manufactured with the best quality of materials and are very reliable. These products are used in wide and different purposes such as in homes, while fitting pipes and connecting other metal and plastic materials. Not only these products are very reliable but are very easy to handle as they can be fitted easily and has different option when fitting as it can be screwed and adjusted tightly.

Not only these products can be used for home purposes but also in shops and are also used in automobile fittings. I have used some of such products in my car as well which connects pipes to radiators and engines, and not only me these products are sold widely for such purposes as they hold on very tightly and do not come off very easily, you need to put great power in order to remove it without loosening its screws.

Oetiker clamps and hoses are widely used in industries such as automobile industry, used in spare parts, buildings, and constructions and sanitary, food and beverage industries, petrochemical, mining and gas producing industries, maintenance, repair and operations, agriculture, forest and farms, machine engineering, ship-building, aviation, aerospace, public transport and in welding.

Oetiker clamps are available in different varieties and specifications as required. The following are the varieties of their manufactured products: stepless ear clamp, one ear clamp with mechanical, one ear clamp, and adjustable clamp, one ear with insert clamp, 2 ear clamp, stepless spring clamp, stepless screw clamp, universal clamp, closed twin clamps, one ear clamp with mechanical interlock, worm drive clamps, multi crimp rings, ALSI worm drive clamp, mini worm drive clamps, stepless low profile clamps, clamps ER and clamp kits.

Oetiker products are available in different categories, but are mainly categorized in four main product types.

The first types are clamps and rings. Oetiker manufactures mainly 6 types of such clamps which ranges from ear clamps, there are screw and universal clamps, then there are twin and multi ring clamps and also special clamps are manufactured as well. Each of these products is available in different sizes and is available in a wide variety of choices. Several types of clamp kits are also available which might be suitable for your need.

The second categories that Oetiker manufactures are the installation tools. These tools help in installation of the equipment and also ensure safety. Oetiker also manufactures manual closing tools and electronic pincers and swaging tools.

The third categories that Oetiker manufactures are quick connectors; they are available in various sizes and are strong in holding power and can be used again and again.


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